Ibb and obb is a cooperative game for two designed by Sparpweed. Codeglue and Sparpweed work together to bring this game to Playstation Network and PC early 2013.
ibb & obb
PSN & Steam

The new and improved version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot™! Ever wondered what 3D pixels would look like with some 3D glasses on? In Rocket Riot 3D you can now try for yourself!
Rocket Riot 3D
Windows 8

Pirates and over-the-top weapons are the name of the game here, and trust us when we say you’ve never played anything like it before. Gorgeous 3D pixel worlds that are fully destructible, a surprising range of objectives (football, anyone?).
Rocket Riot

The official game of SCRE4M. For the first time ever, play as the killer in a game and slash your way to victory. Just like the movie, killing by the Rules of Horror is the way to succeed.
Android & iOS

Strap on your bazooka soldier, and get ready for the new and improved mobile version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot.
Rocket Riot
Windows Phone

In HydroTilt, players guide a bead of water on suspended platforms by tilting the iPhone left, right, up, and down to carefully navigate safely through abstract and brightly colored environments to reach the finish.

Rocket Riot is an action-packed side-view shooter featuring a bazooka-wielding jetpack soldier. With a highly stylized 8-bit era feel, players blast their way through the environment against enemies or multiplayer foes online.
Rocket Riot