Roll-out with Hydrotilt! Guide a bead of water on suspended platforms that test your reflexes and nerve in this exciting 3D puzzle game. Tilt the iPhone left, right, up, and down to carefully maneuver your blob safely through abstract and brightly colored environments. Like real water, you can alter the form of your blob from a liquid state into a solid state (ice) and even a gaseous state (water vapor)…but foresight is a must! You need to use these different forms of your blob to solve various puzzles, such as freezing your droplet to roll over a switch in order to trigger a bridge, or use the liquid state to connect electrical wires to activate a freezing machine.

With the innovative level editor, players will easily build custom levels with the touch of a finger using a variety of tools, blocks and interactive objects.


  • Create, build and share levels using the level editor
  • Intuitive control physics allowing for superb interaction with the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • 55 challenging levels with 5 un-lockable bonus stages and side missions for extended play.
  • Save feature allows you to stop and save at any point in the game.
  • Gorgeous 3D environments.


Presentation / graphics are some of the best on the App Store.

Controls are very responsive. No Super Monkey Ball bullcrap here.

We've seen some games with ball plus a 3D scenario lately and this is one of the best!!


Publisher: Codeglue
Released on:December 16, 2008
Platforms: iOS