Rocket Riot 3D


Strap on your bazooka, soldier! Now get ready for Rocket Riot 3D, the new and improved version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot™! Ever wondered what 3D pixels would look like with some 3D glasses on? In Rocket Riot 3D you can now try for yourself! It’s rocket-tastic, proper 3D-style!

Rocket Riot 3D has more levels, new stories, more zany characters, new mini-boss fights, crazier visual effects and a way to challenge and obliterate your friends. In this highly stylized faux-retro game, you can blast your way through the environment against some of the strangest enemies you will ever encounter. Navigate through a completely destructible environment, uncover special power-ups, or even burrow into different areas of the map. The map regenerates, keeping the action fast-paced, but time doesn't heal all wounds.

Rocket Riot 3D is the newest version of the game and is exclusive to Windows 8! The game takes advantage of all the features of the new Windows 8 platform and comes with more content than any other version of Rocket Riot.

New Features

  • New levels: 6 new level packs (DLC), containing 120 new levels and crazy new stories! New stuff for you to blow up!
  • New enemies: Rocket Riot 3D has a total of 377 new enemies for you to kill and unlock!
  • 3D support: Rocket Riot 3D supports stereoscopic 3D, red/cyan and red/green 3D!
  • All the controls: Rocket Riot 3D supports keyboard and mouse, controllers and touch input!
  • Share your victory: When you finish a level, hit the share button and share a screenshot to your friends!
  • Mini-bosses: We figured Rocket Riot wasn't hard enough, so we added mini-bosses! Mini-bosses are bigger versions of regular enemies with more health. They also have a unique power-up to make them even more challenging!
  • Diseased enemies: Some enemies now carry diseases and can pass them on to you! If you see a red rocket coming your way, you better dodge!
  • Better graphics: Some eye-candy never hurts! So Rocket Riot is now playable in 1080p and everything explodes just a little better and smoother.
  • Multiplayer challenges: You can challenge your Xbox LIVE friends to settle once and for all: who is the greatest Rocket Riot player among you?!

Level Packs

Can't get enough? Luckily Rocket Riot 3D has additional level packs available!

Space Expedition - The pack features levels created by Dutch graffiti artist Eelco van den Berg and makes the player voyage through mind-blowing worlds where no jetpack has gone before. The Space Expedition level pack offers 12 new levels to play and new whacky characters to unlock.

Dream World - Ever gotten sucked into a weird dream state after being stunned by an evil circus clown? Well, that’s exactly what happens in Dream World. There is no other choice but to fight a way back into reality by battling strange new enemies, and ultimately beating the circus clown’s even more evil alter ego! The Dream World level pack offers 24 new levels to play, new crazy rocketeers to unlock and 4 new Xbox LIVE achievements!

Arts and Crafts - Get sucked into the artistic realm and find out that art isn’t boring! It’s classic. It’s surreal. It’s abstract. It’s a feast for the eyes! But most of all… it’s super explosive! The Arts and Crafts level pack offers 18 new levels to play, new crazy rocketeers to unlock and 2 new Xbox LIVE achievements!

The Pixel Continuum - This time you’ve really done it: your explosive temper has seriously messed up the time-space continuum. The only way to straighten out this temporal mess? Blow up historical time periods that are supposed to be extinct… Because some things never change! The Pixel Continuum level pack offers 18 new levels to play, new crazy rocketeers to unlock and 2 new Xbox LIVE achievements!

Bananamania! - Finally, the mystery behind the infamous Banana Man is revealed! Guide him on his quest through lands near and far and shoot your way to the truth behind his bazooka rage. It’s bananas! The Bananamania! level pack offers 18 new levels to play, new crazy rocketeers to unlock and 2 new Xbox LIVE achievements!

Movie Madness - Movie-style mayhem. Traverse fairy tale lands, explore levels like a film noir detective, and end up in a dueling frenzy in the Wild West. Ready your rockets; this is going to be one crazy ride! The Movie Madness level pack offers 18 new levels to play, new crazy rocketeers to unlock and 2 new Xbox LIVE achievements!


Polished and entertaining! Addictive gameplay coupled with cute art and animations really make this game stand out. Great simple fun all around.
William @ Windows Store

Fast action fun: Great game. Nice quick levels so you can start it up when you have a quick 5 minutes to kill. Or 2 hours... It keep's you playing!
Ian @ Windows Store

Excellent Game! Controls work well with mouse and keyboard, be interesting to see how well it works with the MS Surface. Its a top game and has load of levels & multiplayer support. The game itself has a nice retro feel to it and is very challenging in the latter levels. Highly recommended, probably my favourite game so far from the store!
Mr P @ Windows Store


Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Released on:October 26, 2012
Platforms: Windows 8