Scream 4


The official game of SCRE4M. For the first time ever, play as the killer in a game and slash your way to victory. Just like the movie, killing by the Rules of Horror is the way to succeed.


  • Fast paced single player mode where you chase down victims and avoid the cops
  • Be smart about who you kill and how you kill.
  • Multiple fully rendered 3D levels.
  • Brag about your highscores to your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • OpenFeint integration with Achievements.
  • Hook up with all your friends through Game Center, be sure to get those achievements.
  • Did we mention you play as the killer!?


The SCREAM 4 iPad game is the bees much fun. I just offed a nerd! :)

Just tried out the new @Scream4 game for my iPad & killed myself by accident! DL it here: #SCREAM4

Scream 4 HD may sound like a rehashed gimmick to promote something else, and maybe it is. But, it’s done so well. You might even forget the movie to play the game...It’s almost the perfect game.

I first played Scream 4 HD after reading about it in our “Apps To Scare You” AppList, and I have to admit: It’s a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of the movie series, you’ll definitely enjoy playing through the game too.


Publisher: The Weinstein Company
Released on:April 14, 2011
Platforms: iOS & Android
Developed for: Beefy Media
Website: Scream4