PlayStation Home December Update

Written by Peter de Jong. Posted in News, PlayStation Home

So we haven’t released a lot of stuff on PlayStation Home lately, as you might have noticed. But it’s not that we’ve been idling over here at Codeglue. We have been working hard on ibb & obb, the PSN game we are developing together with Sparpweed. We recently decided to add an online co-op mode to the game, instead of just the local co-op mode. A challenging task, but we feel it will make the game so much better and we want to create the best possible experience for the player. Below you can see a little glimpse of our progress! (OMG who is that yellow character! The shock!)

We have also been working on a mini-game for PlayStation Home that we have had in the works for a while now. That is almost done now, so we hope to release it early next year. Exciting stuff, as it is our first self published mini-game on PlayStation Home! We are having a lot of fun with it ourselves, so we hope you will like it too!

In the meantime we have started to release some new items, like the collection of leggings and the bundle of candles that we released in the EU this week! These will be available in the US and JP region soon as well. The leggings are available separately, but also as two bundles. To get into the holidays spirit or maybe just to create the right ambiance in your apartment; the bundle of candles is a mix of lights and ornaments just to create that perfect mood.

We hope you enjoy these items and you can definitely expect more of these in the next couple of months from us, as we have quite some stuff in the works.

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