PlayStation Home

The Cardboard Cartel

Codeglue is one of the leading publishers and developers in PlayStation Home, Sony’s virtual 3D social gaming network on PlayStation 3.

We develop virtual goods and games for brands, but also self publish these virtual goods through our Cardboard Cartel store which can be found in Home’s Shopping Mall.

If you represent a brand and are interested in this unique virtual environment, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Got ideas?


Create a lovely glowing atmosphere with this set of candles.


Enhance your look with this collection of leggings. Available separately and in a bundle.


The Mayan calendar is ending in 2012! Will it be the end of the world? These Mayan costumes, companions and Doomsday device may help you avoid this catastrophe!

u love green Clothing

With a discreet and elegant charm, the new ethical clothing brand, U Love Green, gives you softness and comfort with its fabric made from organic cotton.

Oriental Decor

Style your apartment with this great bundle of oriental furniture. This bundle contains 9 different items.

Athlete Statues

Strike a cool pose with this ancient Greek statue costume! Very Olympic!

Silent Clown

Mime your way through Playstation Home in this awesome mime costume! We now have in both male and female versions.

Day of the Dead Skulls

Celebrate Halloween or Day of the Dead in style with these colorful Mexican skull masks!