About us

Codeglue makes great games playable on every platform! Whether it’s porting a game for a leading publisher in the industry or co-developing a game with a studio that is in need of some extra hands, we can help!

With a growing group of passionate people we proactively work with our clients to deliver the best possible game(s). Our technical experts are up for a challenge and always get things done in a reliable way. As a team we put player experience first with all of our games, whether it’s a port of an existing game or one of our own in-house developed games.

Codeglue was founded in 2000 by Maurice Sibrandi and Peter de Jong. They have known each other since pre-university where they became friends and shared their love for the Commodore Amiga. At university they graduated developing a platformer game for the now long gone Philips CD-i player. Extinct or not, this kickstarted their love for game development and led them to founding Codeglue in 2000, where they focused on developing games for the emerging digital download era.

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