March 7, 2017

Antegods looking for crowd offerings for Mayan Intergalactic Tournament!


As we write this we’ve been working on Antegods for over a year. We’ve invested a lot into it, made some sacrifices, and grown more passionate each day. The core team has been helped by numerous other people both in the studio and outside of it.

And today we are entering a new phase with Antegods. We’ve started our first ever crowdfunding campaign! We’re not running our campaign on Kickstarter, but on Fig, a platform specialized in supporting indie games, offering both rewards and investment-based crowdfunding. We truly feel they are the perfect partner for us.

Your support will allow us to hire additional engineers to iterate on specific gameplay features such as mech special abilities, strategic hitpoints on titans, creating the tournament metagame, improved networking code and polishing everything else. We believe that our team has everything it takes to bring it there, and are looking for other passionate gamers and developers alike to help us get there.

Check out our campaign page here:

We’ll be streaming from our office tonight to celebrate the launch of this campaign. We’ll be streaming from 9:00AM PST till 11:00AM PST. You can follow our stream here:

Thank you for your support!

Peter, Maurice, JP, Tom, Wytze, Niels, Kevin, Davey, Rens, Niels, Rik and Mat

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