April 6, 2017

So long and thanks for all the Figs!

Our fundraising campaign for Antegods is over, and unfortunately our funding goal was not reached. But fear not, this doesn’t mark the end of the Stonepunk adventure. What kind of competitors would we be if we didn’t come back to fight another day.

Everyone here at Codeglue would like to express a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all those who contributed during the campaign and showed their faith by supporting us. Making games is difficult and sometimes grueling and it’s the moments when kind words are said and support from other developers given that keep your head from dropping completely.

It’s been a trip! And we have learned a lot over the last month, and had some really cool experiences like playing against Streamers or being filmed for national television. We’ve also been inspired by the warm words we received on YouTube, Twitch, Imgur and Twitter and will continue to answer your questions there.

Remember that you can keep following our Antegods progress on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or via our Blog and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions as we are always happy to reply and help out if we can.

So long and thanks for all the figs!

Maurice, Peter, Tom, Niels, Wytze, Rens, Davey, Kevin, Moniek, Claudia, Bavo, Thijs, Wouter, Rik, Robin, Niels, Mat en JP

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