August 28, 2015

Our new game: ANTEGODS

We can finally slowly lift off the lid of a project we’ve been so eager to work on: ANTEGODS. We’ve had this game in mind for over a year now, but we were recently granted funds from the Dutch Gamefonds and from the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme, which is going to be a great help! So what is Antegods? Imagine a 2D battle arena with two teams of space-faring Mayans , mix in colossal Titans, add a little (a lot, actually) improvised strategies and tactics, and glaze the whole with procedurally generated worlds. #catchingmybreaththere. From this moment onward, we’ll be sharing information, artwork, videos (basically anything we can think of related to this project) on our website and on our social media channels. To warm you up a bit, here’s a series of concept artwork we’ve created to visualize some of our ideas. Enjoy 🙂

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