February 24, 2016

Putting in work for GDC

If all was quiet on the Antegods Development Update front recently, that’s because we were working super hard to finish a prototype of our Stonepunk Arena Action Game for the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Pretty much as we predicted last time! The conference is less than three weeks away, and we’re not done yet, but we still found a little slice of time to show you what it is that we’ve been working on. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the post, and as usual, that you’ll let us know how you feel about it. Liking and sharing is appreciated too. Let other people know that you’re curious about the development of Antegods! 

Since January, we had a seasoned AI programmer (Mat Buckland) setting up the game’s AI. For the GDC version, player drones (such as Kyle in the above video) will show basic behaviour, mainly gathering silk from plants and spindle points, but also the ability to attack or defend the players. 


We also worked on the graphics of the game, implementing procedurally generated materials (using Substance Designer) on our totems and other objects. 

Destructible terrain is almost ready for GDC! 


Of course we’re working on animations as well. A preview of the grenade launcher is above.

One of the things we noticed is that because of the camera’s perspective, there was some stretching going on at the sides of the camera. Wytze fixed this by moving the camera backwards and adjusting its field of view from 60 to 30 degrees. This netted us the same frame, but with a lot less distortion. The camera’s perspective will be revisited at a later stage, but for GDC this will do!

Design lead Wytze has been working together with Dick Grinwis on our UI for GDC. A preview of our unit frame is above.

Next time

We hope you like what we’ve shown you. Expect more after GDC!

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